First of all, dopeness is
what I like the most.


People who want to make
things as dope as possible.
— Kanye West


Im an animator and illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden.

I work as the Creative Director and co-founder of Adme, an animation agency in Stockholm, Sweden. We help companies and organisations show their true value. By simplify and getting their message across in an engaging way through short form 2D animation. Making sure video becomes a powerful communication tool in their digital presence.

Besides the work I do at Adme I am also an Illustrator. By combining striking, bold shapes and vivid color, the works strive to celebrate the beauty and diversity of the human form.

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Where in the world is rickard bengtsson?

Adme HQ.
Skrapan, 22nd floor.
Götgatan 78.
118 30 Stockholm.