Adme Reel

Adme reel

The company myself, Simon Hedberg and Vincent Kristoffersen started in 2011 is all grown up. Throughout the years we've developed and changed. From being a very wide video production company, producing all kinds of stuff to being a specialised animation company.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden Adme helps companies and organisations simplify and get their message out there - in a quick and engaging way for the viewer. We specialise in short form 2D animation with a clear process and pricing model.

As one of the co-founders I've been with the company from the start and currently work as the Creative Director. I'm no longer a one-man-production-machine but can rely on and get to work with talented designers and animators Kajsa Råsten and Martin Hjellström.

Since I'm not as hands-on in the keyframing these days I haven't made a personal reel on a long time.

Maybe some day.

For now, here is the latest Adme reel!

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